Tony is a great leader”

Tony worked for me in the CBRNE Emergency Response Joint Task Force in Washington State. Tony is a great leader and a wonderful, professional staff officer. I would recommend him for any position of responsibility in a complex environment.

— BG(R) Jeff Matthis, III [General Officer]

“He's a blue-chip all the way”

If you looked in the dictionary under integrity, competence, and up-and-comers you'd likely see Tony's picture. Besides being a really nice individual, he's a person you can depend on to run things and get it done right. He's a blue-chip all the way.

— Steven Asbury [CEO, Asbury Design]

Tony is a very intelligent, results oriented manager who treats people with respect and achieves results ethically. I would highly recommend Tony and it would be my pleasure to work with him again in the future.

— Scott Nelson [CEO, Rosboro]


“I've seen him produce top motch results, in a short time frame....”

Tony is an astutue professional with superb communication and management skills. I've seen him produce top notch results, in a short time frame and in the midst of a challenging corporate climate. 

— Ondria LaMorte [Chief Auditor, FSLR]

“Tony is able to steer a team through the most challenging circumstances.”

Tony is a natural leader. As an experienced and seasoned manager, Tony is able to steer the team through the most challenging circumstances, while keeping a positive and constructive attitude. Furthermore, his exceptional interpersonal skills make him a always a valuable team player.

— Richard Garcia [Managing Director]


“[He] can be relied on to simply get things done.”

Tony is a tremendous example in applying strategic and creative thinking to solve problems. Tony is highly driven, and is motivating to work with. He upholds a high level of business and personal integrity and can be relied on to simply get things done.

— Brian Barnett [Solutions Architect]

“...exceptional leader producing positive results”

Tony is an exceptional leader producing positive results. His charismatic and fresh approach is based upon years of education and a wide breadth of field experience. His direction and support of our airport security and aircraft firefighting operation has and will be invaluable to our success.

— Chief William Bettac [Retired Fire Chief]


"Service Above Self"

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